6 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Seedbox for Torrenting

A seedbox is a great way to download files from your favorite private BitTorrent websites as it not only keeps your IP address safe but even facilitates speedier downloads.

It also offers you a safe and secure place to store your files for as long as you want, without compromising on your computer system’s identity. And it always provides you with a high upload and download speed without using your home Internet connection. How amazing, right?

Well, a seedbox is a savior for regular torrent users, but there is a lot you can do to ensure that you make the most effective use of your seedboxes. You can use your seedbox to maintain a good upload to download ratio for BitTorrent private websites for the best results.

Files are getting uploaded

Well, if you are also wondering how you can take more advantage of your seedbox while torrenting, here are a few top ideas to check out.

Host Smaller Files in the Beginning

One of the best ways to attain a good upload to download ratio for your torrent files is by ensuring that you download and host smaller torrent files first. Why smaller files?

Well, because most users opt to download smaller sized files as it is quicker to download and doesn’t take up a lot of bandwidth and it doesn’t as such compromise on the quality as well. For example, if you were to download a movie or a game on a torrent website, you will likely download the file that is 700 – 800 MB than the 4 – 5 GB file that offers Blu-Ray resolution. No one wants to spend so much time downloading a file when they could be enjoying a good HD print in a shorter time.

So, when you host the smalls files on your seedbox, you will find that users will be able to download your files in a short time. This will result in more users choosing your torrent files to download and not the ones that are larger in size. As a result, your upload will always remain stable, allowing you to download more torrents at a faster speed.

Focus on Newly Released Torrents

If you are looking for an easier way to improve your upload download ratio in the starting, then another good idea is to start by focusing on newly released torrent files.

A newly released torrent file usually has more leechers than seeders so when you download it on your seedbox and host it, more people will end up leeching from you and you can tremendously improve your sharing ratio.

That’s not all, since you will be downloading this new torrent from your seedbox, you won’t have to worry about the speed as well and will be able to completely download in just a few minutes. And so, the quicker you download the torrent, the faster you will become a seeder for it and boost your ratio.

Download High L Torrents

Apart from the newly released torrent files, you should also focus on downloading High L torrent files. Now, you might be wondering that what does a High L torrent file mean?

Well, a High L torrent file is the one that has a high number of leechers. Now, such types of files might also have a high number of seeders but that won’t affect you at all and you will be able to successfully boost your ratio in a small time.

As long as you have a high-quality seedbox that offers amazing upload speeds, you will easily be able to compete with other seeders and share the same file quickly and more efficiently.

With a faster delivery, more users will choose your file to leech from and not anyone else’s so you will end up with a much better sharing ratio. And the best part is that when you do this with the seedbox, you don’t affect your home bandwidth or speed.

Regularly Maintain the Torrent Files on your Seedbox

Now, while a seedbox is highly helpful in improving your sharing ratio, it can even deteriorate your ratio if you aren’t careful and manage your seedbox periodically.

Yes, you should download files and then leave them at your seedbox hosting for others to download but you should make sure that the file is being downloaded by other seeders or leechers. If no one is downloading that file, then it will hurt your ratio because just hosting a file doesn’t mean anything, it should be actively downloaded by others as well.

For this reason, it is important that you choose only those files to host on your seedbox that are in popular demand and continue to be downloaded by most users. So, always download and keep a file hosted on your seedbox to improve your upload statistics. Don’t move or delete it as long as it is being used.

However, if you see a file not being downloaded anymore, make sure you get rid of it and host a new torrent file that is being actively downloaded.

Choose the Best Seedbox Hosting Provider

One of the most important things to keep in mind for a better torrenting experience with your seedbox is that you should always choose the best seedbox hosting provider that is available. A high-quality seedbox hosting provider will make sure that your dedicated seedbox server stays online 24*7 so that your uploads and downloads don’t get affected.

Also, make sure that it offers amazing download and upload speed so that you can effectively maintain your positive sharing ratios.

Get the Freebie Downloads

Finally, another great way to maintain a good ratio on private BitTorrent tracker sites is that you make use of the freebie downloads.

A freebie download isn’t counter in your download statistics so you enjoy downloading a file without hurting your share ratio. This is especially useful when you are just starting out and don’t want to have a negative ratio by downloading a few random torrent files.